At My Freedom Center, we believe that you matter because each individual matters. This divine nature, the inherent birthright of every person to shine their unique light in the world, is meant to be first discovered and then shared. We are here to facilitate your self-discovery of that infinite worth and divine nature through empowered programs and practices that first empower you to heal from the patterns of abuse, PTSD or addiction, and then to fully open and bring your unique talents and offerings to the world.

Here at My Freedom Center, we provide support for your mental clarity, emotional stability, spiritual peace of mind, physical resilience and wholeness. We teach you how to transform from six major stressors: the wounds of humanity of repression, denial, shame, rejection, guilt and separation to seven steps to freedom.


1. Freedom to choose

Reclaim your freedom to choose your destiny by reconnecting to your divine origin.

2. freedom to be aware

Reclaim your freedom to be aware of who you truly are as a divine spiritual being.

3. Freedom to love

Release inner shame and fully realize your freedom to love and be loved.

4. Freedom to accept

Recover from patterns of rejection and learn your freedom to fully accept yourself and others.

5. Freedom to forgive

Let go of heavy burdens of guilt and blame and develop the full power of your freedom to forgive yourself and others.

6. Freedom to serve

Resolve feelings of separation by opening yourself to the freedom to serve your local and global communities from a place of higher integrity.

7. Freedom to unite

Ignite your freedom to unite by seeing yourself as a part of an overall divine plan and living fully your freedom to choose, be aware, love, forgive, and serve.

Thus, we seek to empower persons through a journey from self-empowerment to inspired belonging and leadership in empowering others.

We provide you with an opportunity to free your light so that you are free to contribute your unique gifts, talents, experiences and skills to the world in the best, highest, and most aligned ways. In addition to our inspired in-house programs, we act as a one stop community to connect you to other outstanding and reliable growth and empowerment sources and organizations. In essence, we seek to re-ignite the Divine Nature within You, all of our participants, partners and providers, so you are free to be the Divine Being you were born to be.

HOW: We fulfill our vision and mission by providing

Licensed In-House Programs

Online Hub Connections

to Other Reliable Organizations and Services


Safe Locations / Facilities



1 on 1 Life and Business

Coaching Sessions Including Traditional and Alternative Approaches

Group Training and Development

Access to Support Animals

Additional Resources

and Partnerships for other programs

WHO: We fulfill our vision and mission by serving:

Individuals and Groups in Distress (ex Extreme Stress, PTSD, Abuse, Addiction) such as but not limited to:

  • Survivors Seeking Transformation (Homeless, Individuals Desiring Recovery from Addiction, Individuals Seeking Shelter Due to Abuse)
  • Health Care Providers
  • First Responders
  • Military
  • Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care

WHAT: We fulfill our vision and mission by conducting:

  • Stress Management Practices
  • Pre- and Post-Trauma Recovery
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Relationship Healing/Counseling
  • Life and Business Coaching
  • Holistic and Spiritual Work

WHO: We fulfill our vision and mission by partnering with:

  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Licensed Medical Providers
  • Hospitals and Institutions
  • Existing Trauma and Addiction Recovery Programs
  • Existing Abuse Recovery Programs
  • Foster Care Program Coordinators
  • Alternative Healing Modalities
  • Career/Life Coaches
  • Veterans Affairs organizations
  • Animal Therapy organizations
  • Certified Energy Healing and Psychology Practitioners